Secure Your Water Heater for an Earthquake

Secure Water Heater Straps and Flexible Gas and Water Lines Chino CA

This unsecured water heater will topple!!

In the 1994 Northridge earthquake, numerous fires were caused by broken gas pipes unsecured water heaters falling over.

You can greatly reduce the risk of fire or explosion in the event of an earthquake by simply strapping your water heater to the wall, and fitting it with a flexible gas supply line.

Also, if you have flexible (corrugated) copper water connectors, you can use your water heater as a protected source of fresh water in the event of a disruption in municipal water supply. A typical water heater usually has more than 30 gallons of fresh water.

Call Budget Rooter today for any questions about securing your water heater.

If you need help with installation of water heater straps or flexible gas or water lines, contact us.

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