>Halloween Plumbing Problem: Pumpkin Pulp Will Scare Your Disposal to Death

>Americans will scrape millions of pounds of pulp from pumpkins throughout the Halloween season and plumbers across the country will remove gobs of it from clogged drains before the end of the Halloween season. Local plumbers have become as common a Halloween visitor as little vampires or ghosts thanks to sticky pumpkin pulp and seeds. Plumbers know that frantic homeowners will soon be complaining about pulp-clogged garbage disposals and stopped up kitchen sink drains in the two weeks leading up to Halloween.

Jack-o’-lantern carvers should remember that pumpkin pulp should never be put down drains or into garbage disposals. The slimy gunk is ideal for clogging sink drains.
It’s stringy and sticky and when it dries and hardens it will choke-off drainpipes and garbage disposals creating all sorts of havoc.

For the past few years we’ve spread the word that carving pumpkins in the sink is a very bad idea. People think that when they shove the pulp down kitchen sink drain that it’s gone but in a little while the sink usually stops draining altogether.

More plumbing questions answered here.

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