Benefit of Testing Home Water Pressure

test home water pressure Chino

High water pressure in your home is a lot like having high blood pressure. The symptoms are hidden. You might not think you’ve had a problem up until now. But then it hits.

And you may find yourself surprised with $10,000 to $60,000 in damages all at once.

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Adjust Water Pressure Regulator

adjust water pressure regulator Ontario CAHigh water pressure in your home plumbing is a silent killer. High water pressure causes leaks in pipes. It can damage water heaters and other plumbing appliances. It can lead to big problems.

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Replace Laundry Shut-off Valves

Chino and Chino Hills CA

Replace Laundry Shut-off ValvesLeaking laundry shut-off valves can cause water damage to floors and walls. Budget Rooter will quickly replace and repair these.

We fix any kind of laundry room leak.

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Replace Bathroom Sink

Chino and Ontario CA

install sink plumber Ontario CA

We remove drain pipes, water connections, and pop out the old sink. Remove faucet and clean the counter top. Replaced the shut-off valves. Sink and counter are stripped down.

Next, install the new faucet and connect to the shut-off valves. Assemble the sink drain parts. Set the sink in the hole and connect the new drain. Wallah! The new sink looks great.

Ontario Plumber will replace install any sinks, like this one »





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Fix Leaking P-Trap in Laundry Pipes

Chino Hills.

leaking washing machine ChinoIf you have clogged or leaking laundry room pipes, we can fix them. Can cut open wall, replace pipe, and restore wall – good as new. Laundry room pipes leaking.

We fix any leaking or clogged pipes or drains, like this one »





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Remove Roots in Drain Pipe Chino Hills

Roots in drain pipe Chino HillsRoots grow easily in the loosened soil around pipes.

Sewer lines and pipes carry water and when the root tips detect the water, they pry their way inside the pipe.

Roots are powerful growers.

We remove roots from sewer lines and pipes »



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Repair Broken Sewer Pipe Chino CA

broken sewer pipe Chino CABroken sewer pipe connection that was broken at the vent.

Sewer line vents are there to prevent sewer gases from getting back into the home, and instead vents them usually through the roof.

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